Date Posted... Jul 2nd 2021

Year 5 ride from coast to coast

Year 5 completed their coast to coast bike rides, starting at Portreath on the wild north coast and following the heritage trail to Devoran on the south coast.

The bike ride forms part of the explore and discover sections of their John Muir award. The award encourages children to experience the wild beauty of nature for themselves and share this through the English part of the curriculum.

5SL had a particularly eventful ride, with no fewer than six children coming off their bikes – all are fine.

Louis, who has recently started riding his bike, deserves a special mention for completing this ride. He worked so hard that he nearly fell asleep in the minibus on the way back to school.

What did the children think about their bike ride?

‘It was nice getting out into the wild and riding through the beautiful scenery.’ Archie

One of the longest bike rides I’ve ever done, but it was also really fun. I was really soggy at the end. I half submerged my bike in the giant puddle on the Bissoe trail.’ Thomas

‘It was good to cycle with a large group.’ Gabriel

‘This is the sweatiest thing I’ve ever done!’ Louis, Year 5