Date Posted... Dec 3rd 2019

Year 5 perform ‘Inspecting the Unexpected’

Year 5 performed their comedic take on the classic nativity story last night ‘Inspecting the Unexpected’.

Parents sat down to an hour of jokes as the children rolled off their lines. Written by Mrs Gregory, the play saw three separate acts involving the three Year 5 form groups. The plot involved the planning of the annual Christmas story not quite going how you think it would…

Mrs Gregory said: ‘In response to being asked every year ‘can we do Star Wars?’ and after many years of saying ‘no’, one year I instead went ‘well why not?’ and this is what resulted’.

Not only did Jedis and Darth Vader feature but favourites from Toy Story, Harry Potter, and Garfield also popped up as modern day versions of angels, shepherds and three wise men.

Well done to all of Year 5 for such an impressive performance!