Date Posted... Mar 22nd 2024

Year 3 Wow with Zoom!

Year 3 put a delightful spin on the traditional tale of the Tortoise and the Hare in their stunning production of the musical Zoom!

Opening with a glorious rendition of ‘Brand New Day’, we first meet the tortoise family, led by father Toby, as they join the other creatures in Evergreen Valley. Talk soon turns to the upcoming election for the new mayor and the two contenders, Harvey Hare and Henry Hedgehog.

We then meet Harvey himself; busy plotting alongside scheming friends Phil and Fred Fox to frame Henry Hedgehog and win the election for himself. Little does Harvey know that his dastardly plans have been overheard by Toby Tortoise; a confrontation follows and the stage is set as the two animals agree to settle their differences with a race…

A brilliant mix of comedy and emotion, with a strong moral tale woven through, we were extremely impressed with the courage and confidence our amazing Year 3 team showed in delivering this performance.

A huge well done to all of our performers and thanks to Mrs Morse, Mrs Eva and all of the amazing helpers who brought a forest full of creatures to life so beautifully.