Date Posted... Oct 16th 2020

Virtual School Council

This week we had our first online school council meeting with the students who have been elected to represent the student body and get the change they want; continuing the long history of the student council maintaining an integral part of Truro School.

Head Boy, Isaac commented: “We discussed a range of topics from how the school meals could be improved, to what extent Covid precautions are being followed and gaining a feel for the general consensus on how students are feeling now they are back at school.

“Jenny and I have taken these thoughts and ideas to the Head, in our weekly meeting, where we discussed the feasibility of the proposals and we hope to have made some progress in implementing these plans by the time we next meet as a council.”

Head Girl, Jenny said: “We’re all aware that currently discussion between year groups cannot take place in person. With that in mind this year we’ve decided to hold virtual lower and senior school council meetings. These are an opportunity for students to voice their ideas and concerns in a way that doesn’t break year group bubbling. Each form tutor has selected a council representative who will bring ideas to the meetings for discussion. We have already had one meeting with both the lower and senior school and are hoping to hold meetings every three weeks. Everyone is excited about the opportunity to share and discuss ideas in a new way.”