Date Posted... Mar 31st 2023

Tribute to First Diploma Graduates

In our End of Term service, we paid particular tribute to our Upper Sixth Form, celebrating them as our first Sixth Form Diploma graduates.

Mr Johnson commented, “Ahead of what will be an impressive set of A-Level results this summer, it was a joy and a privilege to applaud their aspiration and engagement with the wider Sixth Form opportunities available through the Diploma. It provides a breadth of practical and intellectual experience and skills beyond subject learning, and promotes personal growth. Education matters in this way as it shapes future confidence, wellbeing, life skills, and employability, as much as grades. It was wonderful to be able to focus on all of those other aspects of learning and growth today, giving them the status they deserve irrespective of the A-Level successes to come.”

We wish you all a restful and enjoyable Easter.