Date Posted... Dec 12th 2023

The Late Wise Man

There were roars of laughter, and many rounds of applause as Year 5 took to the stage for this year’s Christmas play “The Late Wise Man.”

“The Late Wise Man” tells the story of a forgetful wise man who, despite his best efforts, always manages to arrive late to important events. As the other wise men embark on their journey to witness the birth of baby Jesus, our late wise man faces numerous comical obstacles along the way. Will he finally make it in time to witness this miraculous event?

Beyond the comedic elements, “The Late Wise Man” explores important themes such as perseverance, friendship, and the true meaning of Christmas. Through the late wise man’s journey, the play teaches valuable lessons about the importance of being present and cherishing the moments that truly matter.

Our Year 5 cast has been working extremely hard to make the play memorable, and they certainly achieved that. Thank you to Mrs Gregory for your fantastic directing and all the other staff who made it a wonderful night.