Date Posted... Apr 23rd 2020

Summer term: Week 2 learning from home

Wow, it has been fantastic to see the creative and ingenious ways children, parents, and teachers have been learning and teaching outside the box. This week alone has seen many pictures being sent in with you all making the most of the good weather and learning in the environment around you.

Well done Prep and Pre-Prep and keep those pictures coming in!

In nursery, the children have been focusing on 11 and Teddy has counted 11 vehicles he’s found.

Mrs Banks has been teaching letters and sounds, and Greta has been practising her sounds at the beach.

And Reception teacher Mrs Searle has been picking up books and her guitar while teaching from home.




“Inspired by “the Repair Shop” on the BBC, Joseph decided to take a timber garden seat apart that was looking rather tired. He sanded all the parts down, and is putting it back together with new screws. It is like giant jigsaw puzzle. It has gone very well and he has learned that for future reference there would be some benefits of taking a picture of what it looked like before it was dismantled!”



“Finlay delivers supplies to an elderly neighbour once a week. He uses his pedal tractor and trailer and loads up the trailer before cycling them down lane. Apparently she can hear him coming and it is a highlight of her week.”


Olliver took the time to send this email and drawing to The Head:

Dear Miss Patterson,

I hope you are enjoying your time at home.

Are you still going to school? I miss school.

On one side it is angry against humanity for the pollution and the great damage we are causing to our planet.

On the other side it is happy that not all of Earth’s hidden wonders and the ones which we have discovered are gone.

If possible, I would like you to share this picture with your own speech for the whole of Truro School to understand it, Senior, Prep and Pre-Prep.

I hope people will understand what is happening to our planet and that this pandemic will change our lives and help us to reflect what we are doing to our planet.

I send lots of hope and joy to all the school in theses difficult times.

Take care,



Art can be found in anything, whatever the weather, and you have certainly all been using your imaginations!


Year 3 have rewound the clocks… right back to the Stone Age! Check out what tools they’ve been making, resembling the ones our ancestors would have also made and used.


Science is all around us, from the technology we use, to the air we breath, and the wildlife around us, as the children have been discovering…