Date Posted... Jun 12th 2024




Stunning Screen Prints for Year 5

Our Year 5 pupils were treated to a screen printing workshop this week with local artist Tony Minnion. Tony, who is based in Redruth specialises in landscapes but also teaches screen printing to adults and children across Cornwall.

In sessions held across the week, our pupils were tasked with creating their own flag, decorated with an image of a bird of their choice. Tony talked the children through the various techniques and tools needed including the beautiful rainbow inks, screens and squeegees.

The children first had to select an image of a bird and then create an outline, before enhancing their flags with foliage from the school grounds. They were then helped to print colours onto their flags before hand painting in the details.

As you can see from our photos, our children were enraptured as Mr Minnion explained the processes and the outcomes were stunning. A huge well done to all of our Year 5 classes and thanks to Mrs Ashdown and Mr Minnion for hosting such a memorable and exciting lesson.