Date Posted... Mar 31st 2022

Stunning Scenes for D of E Training

Cornwall provided an epic backdrop for two weekends of training this March, in preparation for this Summer’s DofE Award.

112 students took part in the training over the two Saturdays. The weather proving suitably temperamental, with wet and windy weather one weekend and blue skies the next.

The final Award trips will take place in May and June this year and we will be showcasing more about how Truro School champions this Award.

A huge thanks to all of the staff and volunteers who help to make this programme possible including Miss Coleridge and the following:

Volunteer staff: 

Mark Aston

Mark Vanstone

Corrie Lyn Davis

Eleanor Stone

Lizzie Crane

Joanna Wood

Grant Vigor

Rob McNeil



Katie Mayne

Becky Horne


6th Form helpers:

Reuben McCartney

Kate Whiting

Thomas Clague