Date Posted... Jun 12th 2024




Squiggling and Wiggling in Nursery

Our Nursery children participate in weekly ‘Squiggle While You Wiggle’ sessions, a fun and active way to support children to improve their fine motor skills and prepare them for the early stages of writing.

This week the children have focused on spirals. They start off performing spirals movements with pieces of fabric to music; using their bodies and employing their gross motor skills.

They then fine-tune this learning with pens. The children are taught the ‘pinch, pinch, pinch and flip’ technique to hold their pen correctly in both hands. As children may not have chosen a preferred hand to write with yet, we strengthen both, making marks on paper using both hands at the same time.

These more delicate motions replicate the movements they had trialled earlier. Although it requires a great deal of concentration, it is also a fun and enjoyable session and the children love to see the results they make together at the end.