Date Posted... Mar 20th 2024

Senior Life Drawing Class for Prep

Truro Prep ‘Young Leonardos’ honed their observational skills during a recent visit to the Senior School Art department by focusing on ‘drawing what you see’ rather than ‘what you think you see’.

The Year 6 art group, led by Senior School art teacher Mr Brett, explored the technical aspects of life drawing, learning key steps such as taking measurements, composing drawings using shapes, and only adding outlines at the very end.

With the assistance of our life model, Anna, the pupils created their sketches using their measuring skills and enhanced their drawings with charcoal to try out different effects on their drawings.

Mr Brett commended the pupils for their attentiveness, understanding of the process, and bold approach to their artwork, noting their high level of talent.

Thanks to Miis Ashdown, Mr Brett, life model Anna and the Year 6 pupils for their mature and enthusiastic participation in this experience.