Date Posted... Dec 14th 2020

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

We have successfully completed our last full week of the term and this weekend has very much been a story of two halves. Joy and fun celebrating Aim’s 18th birthday and sadness saying goodbye to the very special Carlotta who has, and will, leave a rather tall girl shaped hole in our boarding house. Carlotta, you are a beautiful soul who has played a huge part in our lives this term. Please keep in touch and come back and see us when Covid is over.

This week has seen the end of the 5th Year mocks which has come as a huge relief for Evie, Uliana, Emily and Carlotta who can now relax and enjoy the last three days of school before the Christmas break. The musicians of the house – Katie, Issy, and Amy – have been busy recording our legendary “Nine Lessons and Carols” and Christmas Concert. An amazing feat given that students have to sing in their bubbles and due to the restrictions we are not in the cathedral so it has been recorded and streamed.

On Friday we celebrated the lovely Mrs Mulready’s birthday – flowers, a card and a rendition of happy birthday hopefully started her day off on the right track. Pretty certain that it was 21 again Miss?!

Friday evening after supper, an hour of prep and a quick trip to the fitness suite, the girls hung out in the common room and had huge amounts of fun with our new bean bags. The common room has been recently decorated to match our kitchen and is in the process of receiving some new furnishings and a big old sort out.

Following the departure of five of our international boarders last weekend and two more this weekend the house has felt very quiet. After an early Saturday get up to see Emily off then brunch, five of the girls and myself headed out in a minibus for a little magical mystery tour, we had a nice little Christmassy jaunt and came across a very sweet little village Christmas market which some of us used as a present buying opportunity. I found some locally made wooden Christmas ornaments, I won’t tell you what the girls bought just in case I manage to ruin a surprise.

Saturday afternoon was spent getting ready for Aim’s 18th birthday party. Aim turns 18 on Tuesday but because it will be a school night the girls opted to celebrate a few days early. Aim picked a pyjama and ice cream party, which was such a lovely idea. Jess and Charlotte once again filled the house with the smell of baking and created the most delicious chocolate surprise cake. The girls ate ice cream, played Kahoots and had a go at my Christmas quiz. Happy birthday Aim, I hope you enjoyed your little party and I hope you have a good day on Tuesday.

Today has been a slower day. The girls have been relaxing in the house, painting, tidying their rooms, chatting about their Christmas plans and getting ready for the last few days of term. Supper this evening was a beautiful roast with homemade donuts. A lovely way to end the weekend.

So, that ends the most unusual but wonderful term in the boarding house. The girls have been a delight to look after and on behalf of all the Malvern staff, I wish you and your families a happy and safe Christmas and we look forward to seeing everyone in January.

Mrs Wood (Resident Tutor)