Date Posted... May 25th 2023

Sailing in Sunny Helford

We are mid-way through internal assessment week and for those pupils not sitting GCSEs and A-Level exams everything stops for our co-curricular Wednesday Afternoon Activities. Yesterday, twelve of our pupils spent a glorious afternoon sailing on the Helford River with the Children’s Sailing Trust and their fleet of zest and pico and dinghies.

The wind was light, the sun was shining and the pupils got to practise their skills including controlled capsize. The Helford is an ideal place to start sailing and our young sailors are fortunate to benefit from years of experience offered by CST’s team of fully qualified instructors who have a huge passion for sailing and share their enthusiasm and knowledge with our pupils.

Ella from 3rd Year said, “We are right in the middle of exams so it is really nice to have an afternoon off and spend it out on the water.”

This WAA group attracts both novice and experienced sailors, allowing them to learn and develop new skills. It is so much more than just getting from A to B, sailing is about setting personal goals, which helps to build resilience, self-confidence, and teamwork and often results in a lifelong passion for spending time on the water.

School has a longstanding relationship with sailing and the local sailing community with some of our top sailors regularly competing at European level.

For more information Summer courses run by The Children’s Sailing Trust visit their website.