Date Posted... Mar 3rd 2023

Old Truronian Career Talk on Architecture

Current students heard a talk today from Old Truronian Tom Rimmington CO17 who talked about his reasons for choosing his A Levels, the grades a potential architecture student might need to advance to a degree level and how a good portfolio can help you get accepted to your university of choice. Tom studied at Truro School from 2010-2017, before being accepted to Cardiff University for Architecture. He now works in London at JTP firm as an Architectural Assistant.

Mrs Kenward (Head of Careers) hosted the discussion for the students. Here is just a snippet of some the questions Tom took time to answer:

Which A Levels did you study at Truro School?

Art, DT, Physics and Maths.

In your role, what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Since graduating my Masters in June last year, I worked over the summer in Cornwall part-time at a small practice that worked on Cornish residential properties. I always knew I was going to move to London that September, and I now work at a firm of over 100 people, working on local and international properties. I am working on few different projects. Today for example I’ve been hand-drawing on an iPad pulling together a few visions. It’s exciting because one day you’re hand drawing something really creative, and another day you’re in communication with structural engineers to work on the safety of a building. It’s a really collaborative process. There’s also time spent talking with clients. I really enjoy the iterative process that leads to a project and I love the studio atmosphere.

How did you choose the firm you are now working in?

It’s known for being a really good employer, its good socially and work aside, you know you’re going to have a great day because of the positive work culture. Without getting too nerdy about architecture – the process of which they design through means that they do a lot of community engagement work, and are notorious in including communities in the design planning of a building. It generally leads to a better design and a more successful space. That was attractive to me. But also I knew I wanted to move to London and they were in a good spot location wise.

On living in London

I personally think spending some time in a big city – where there are more people doing what you are passionate about, will benefit you in the long term. Even if you see yourself moving back to Cornwall eventually (which I do), its good to get experience. My dad said “use London, don’t let it use you”.

If you are an Old Truronian and can offer career advice to our current students, please contact Amanda (Development and Alumni Relations) at [email protected] or phone 01872 246010.