Date Posted... Jun 28th 2021




Nursery trip to Healey’s

Last Friday the Nursery children had a fantastic time at Healey’s Cyder farm. The children got to go on a very bumpy tractor ride through the orchard, design labels for their own bottle of apple juice, watch the apple juice production line and compare with how apple juice was made in the past. The highlight of the trip was going on a coach, seeing lots of farm animals and of course eating lunch!

The children told Mrs Banks what they enjoyed most on their visit.

“I liked doing all of it. I also liked seeing the pigs and the unicorn goat.” Max J

“Bumping up and down on the tractor was my favourite.” William

“Going up the big barrel and hearing the bubbles was good even though I was a bit scared.” Otto D

“I liked it when we saw the apple juice being made and the old one that went round and round to get the juice.” James

“The cheeky baby goat that can fit through the fence was my favourite.” Bea