Date Posted... May 5th 2021




Nursery in the Forest School

There are worms in Nursery! The children collected worms during Forest School. They tried to stamp their feet and pretend to be birds but in the end had to dig the soil to find some which was also great fun. The children set to work layering the wormery with soil, compost, sand, and leaves. Bea talked to the class about her worm farm at home. The afternoon group added the worms which the morning group had collected and the worms were left to get busy.

The children were very excited about their wormeries and this resulted in lots of worm related activities and play. They made wriggly worms from play dough, drew worms, and pretended to be worms. They can’t wait to see what the worms do in the wormery and will keep a close eye on them.