Date Posted... Nov 17th 2021

Business Talk: Wing of St Mawes with Jack Wing

It was great to welcome Truronian, Jack wing CO14, to talk to our Business and Economics students about running a business and how they were affected by the Pandemic and Brexit.

Jack works for his family business, Wings of St Mawes, which his father set up in the 1980s after he began his fishing journey. Jack then joined the company in 2016 after two years at university but decided it wasn’t suitable for him. He started as a delivery driver and worked his way up to the entrepreneurial position he is in now.

It was great for the students to see a real-life business dealing with challenges and ask valuable questions about the industry. Jack shared how the company had to change drastically during the pandemic to stay open. This involved changing their whole business model to target a Business to consumer audience instead of their prior business to business audience.

Jack also spoke how even during all the adversities they were facing; they still managed to increase sales volumes by 30% over the pandemic, which enabled them to create a new website for their rebrand. As well as this, they were also crowned UK Fishmonger of the year, an award which is a credit to all their hard work and dedication.

It was a lovely interactive session with students asking lots of great questions that gave them insight into what running a business entails.