Date Posted... Oct 19th 2023

Inspired Art Lessons

Our Art Department has been inspiring our pupils with inspiration from the global art world as well as from our local environment.

Our 1st Years have been looking at the work of Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili and have imitated his style to create close-ups of local Cornish hedgerows.

The work of Chris Ofili has often been classified as “punk art” and uses mixed materials (including elephant dung) to create collages and pictures. Chris Ofili was the first Black artist to win the prestigious Turner Prize and his work has been studied in Art this term alongside that of Frank Bowling, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Sonia Boyce as a part of Black History Month.

Our Art team work hard to find inspiration for the curriculum from a rich and diverse portfolio that spans a wide range of genres, cultures and styles to broaden our pupils’ understanding of art in global terms.

Thank you to these fantastic 1st Year artists and Mr Meads for sharing this fascinating lesson.