Date Posted... Jun 25th 2024




Horsing Around in Nursery

Our lucky Nursery children had a fantastic afternoon as their topic on transport came to an end. They were visited by two ponies, Norris, a Welsh Section C and Toffee, a rare-breed Exmoor pony and their human owners, Harvey and his mum.

Norris had a splendid exercise cart which allowed the children to think about a time before cars when the horse reigned supreme. Having learnt a song about horses and the Makaton for horses in the morning, they were able to identify the different parts of the cart and note important parts of the riding kit including Harvey’s jodhpurs and riding hat.

It was extremely exciting to see the ponies trotting outside of Tresliske House and it was a memorable moment for both the children and staff alike. We would like to thank Harvey and his mum for sharing their beautiful ponies with us and Mrs Banks who has brought the topic of transport to life this term.