Geologists Explore ‘Gold Hydrogen’ Technologies

This week, our A-level geology students had the privilege of hearing from David Waltham, Professor of Geophysics at Royal Holloway.

Professor Waltham discussed the potential of ‘Gold’ hydrogen in transitioning away from fossil fuels. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, hydrogen combustion produces only water as a by product, eliminating harmful greenhouse gas emissions. This versatile energy source can be used to power various modes of transportation, including trains, planes, and HGVs.

The talk covered recent geological studies indicating the presence of abundant and cost-effective naturally occurring hydrogen reserves beneath the Earth’s surface. Professor Waltham emphasised the importance of geologists gaining a deeper understanding of the formation, migration, trapping, and longevity of hydrogen gas to maximise its utilisation while minimising environmental impact.

Miss Hope said that it was a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn about cutting edge geological research exploring both its advantages and challenges as a newfound natural resource.

Thank you to Professor Waltham and Miss Hope for this insightful lecture.