Date Posted... Jun 14th 2024

Extinction and Urban Assessment of Newquay

Our 1st Year Geography and Biology pupils have been out of the classroom and off to Newquay.

Pupils have been studying extinction in Biology and visited Newquay Zoo to collect information about animals from a chosen continent. Working hard (while enjoying the animals), they collated information about animals including red pandas, meerkats, and rare Visayan warty pigs.

They also attended a talk on extinction from one of the specialist zookeepers and were able to ask lots of questions to help them with their projects.

Alongside their trip to Newquay Zoo, the 1st years also took to Newquay’s high street for their first-ever human geography fieldwork. In groups, they evaluated population density, the number and type of shops, traffic flow, and litter on the high street. A second group will complete this fieldwork in Truro next week.

Fieldwork plays a crucial role in both subjects, as the data collected will be analysed and presented as part of their learning. We are so fortunate to have such a rich array of resources on our doorstep and would like to thank Newquay Zoo and our amazing staff and pupils for bringing this practical learning opportunity to life.