Date Posted... Dec 17th 2021

Drilling Down on DT

It has been a busy term in the DT Department with some truly outstanding projects being undertaken.

The Lower Sixth made engineered jewellers vices cast from Aluminium. They had to take dimensions from an existing vice, which they modelled on our CAD software ‘Solidworks’ as well as from soft materials.

They had to make a pattern for the body out of Jelutong wood, which they then sand cast out of aluminium. They then used a combination of milling, turning, drilling, threading, tapping, sawing, buffing and polishing to create the other parts and assemble the product.

Oil burners were crafted out of mixed materials; pupils chose a hardwood base from either beech, oak or cedar, which they shaped, and plunged out a hole for a candle. They then had to use various metal bending and forming equipment to create a supporting structure for a glass dish, which holds the oil. The products were finished with lacquer and wax.

Furthermore, our 1st Years have been creating boats, the 2nd Years Trinket boxes, 3rd Year Oil Burners and the 4th Years have created some fantastic Jewellery.

Not to be outdone, pupils from WAA and Monday after school activity groups made some stunning trays. The hexagonal tray was made entirely by hand, using mixed hardwoods. Others were made by recycling waste hardwood strips into a new plank and then CNC routing them using our new machine. The candles were shaped and then finished with chalk paint for a shabby chic look!

For more information on our new router, please visit A New Arrival for DT – Truro School