Date Posted... Nov 29th 2023

Dr Frost Visits our A-Level Students

A group of A-Level maths students had the privilege of attending an Inspiring Futures Event hosted by Jamie Frost, creator and CEO of Dr Frost Maths. In an engaging 50-minute session, Jamie shared captivating personal anecdotes from his career and how mathematics has profoundly shaped his life.

Throughout the session, Jamie effortlessly weaved his experiences with intriguing maths problems, making the event both enjoyable and educational. From unravelling the probabilities of Secret Santa to calculating the probability of left-handedness when realising he was travelling to Bali with a largely lefthanded group of friends. Jamie showcased how mathematics permeates various aspects of our lives. He even provided insights into the design of his home gym, revealing the practical applications of maths in unexpected places.

After the session, a group of students expressed genuine enjoyment and appreciation for Jamie’s inspiring words. They found it fascinating to discover the multitude of ways mathematics can inspire career choices and, in Jamie’s case, enabling him to explore the world.

These A-Level maths students have been utilising the invaluable resources of Dr Frost throughout their secondary school journey, crediting it for enhancing their learning experience. Afterwards, he was pleased to meet students and respond to autograph requests.

Mrs Duke said “The session was hugely enriching for our students and we consider it a privilege to have had Jamie Frost share his life journey, wisdom and intellect with us.”

Dr Frost Maths is a charitable organisation that provides free maths resources and videos for students and teachers. Afterwards, Jamie ran a very well-attended CPL event for all schools across Cornwall.