Date Posted... Jan 21st 2020




Cubs go camping

This weekend saw the 3rd Truro Cub Pack head to Nine Ashes campsite in Bodmin for a Winter Wonderland overnight experience. Staying in the Molesworth Bunkhouse, the Cubs initially explored the woodland, taking part in an orienteering session after arrival so they could fully explore.

Lunch followed with hot soup and sandwiches in the winter sunshine.  After, the Cubs braved the zip wire, and then explored the underground tunnels to see if they could find the secret tunnel whilst moving from the chicken coop entrance to the rabbit hutch exit and then appearing above ground at the Meerkat tunnel.  Wide games on the climbing frames and in the field burned off energy before heading indoors as the sun set on a very cold and starry evening.

After setting up their bunks and playing games, Baloo cooked a delicious pasta supper, followed by the Cubs making their own Eton Mess.

Kitting up for the cold night, the Cubs took their torches for a ‘night walk’ through the woods amongst the hooting owls and pheasants, and barking foxes before arriving at the campfire for songs and toasting marshmallows.

Bedtime and story time about Greek myths and legends the Cubs were soon snoozing (and snoring).

The Cubs woke up to a full fry up breakfast plus cereals, toast, and fruit salad, getting lots of energy to keep warm for the rest of the day.  The heavy frost looked like it had snowed overnight, but luckily the sun was shining for a second day of adventures, this time crate-stacking in the woods.  Teamwork was essential, and the whole group reached incredibly dizzy heights, needing the assistance from King Louie and a long wooden pole to pass up the crates into the trees.  Jack M, before he and Gabriel climbed too high, did his promise on top of the crates and is a very welcome new Cub at 3rd Truro Cub Pack. A hot jacket potato lunch around another campfire rounded off the camp with parents arriving to see what fun everyone had experienced.

Thank you to all the leaders who made our first camp such a magical experience.