Date Posted... Sep 30th 2021




Sixth Form

Creativity in Abundance in Year 2 Art

The Year 2 pupils were showing their fantastic creativity during their Wednesday Art lesson this week.

The sun was streaming through the windows of the Millenium building, providing excellent light for the budding artists. Guided by Mrs Ashdown, the class learnt about printing and pattern making and how to layer colours for striking effects. They looked at each other’s work for inspiration and shared ideas.

The class was lucky to be supported by two Sixth Form Students from Truro School. Sophie and Soumya helped the pupils to load their stamps and roll their paint.

It was particularly lovely to see Soumya, a former pupil of Truro School Prep, helping the Year 2s. She fondly remembers her art lessons with Mrs Ashdown. Now studying Further Maths, Maths, Biology and Chemistry, she was once a founder member of Mrs Ashdown’s Leonardo Art Club. Mrs Ashdown remembers her fondly and remarked that she always knew Soumya would go on to wonderful things.