Date Posted... Dec 1st 2023




Prep Sports

Courageous Efforts In House Cross Country

Our Prep pupils gathered this week for the annual house cross-country competition. They showed great courage and determination as they took on the course to earn valuable points for their houses.

Cross-country running is a tough endurance event. It is both physically and mentally tough. We were delighted to see how positively the children responded to this sporting challenge, offering compassion to their fellow runners throughout the race and all trying their best. There were some outstanding individual achievements, but everyone should be proud of themselves for taking part.

Throughout the Autumn Term the children have been learning the importance of key sporting values- honesty, respect, passion, self-belief, and determination. They really showed all of these during the events and both staff and parents expressed how impressed they were with the children’s attitude and respect they showed to one another.

If this event has given your child a buzz to continue with cross country, there will be plenty of opportunities for them to partake next term. We currently run two after school clubs, on Monday and Thursday, open to all children in Year 3-6.

After close competition throughout the overall house winner was Vinter. A huge well done to everyone, it was a fantastic afternoon of great sportsmanship.

The top three results were as follows:

Year 3: 1st – Christopher, Mabel, 2nd – Albie, Athena, 3rd – Bobby, Ella

Year 4: 1st – Ollie, Sienna, 2nd – Rohan, Ashleigh, 3rd – Arthur, Hennie

Year 5: 1st – Reggie, Lissie, 2nd – Henry, Ellie L, 3rd – Freddie, Phoebe

Year 6: 1st – Isaac, Hetty, 2nd – Rowan, Rosie, 3rd – George, Lexi