Date Posted... Oct 16th 2019




Sixth Form

Retired alumni visits from other side of the world

Former pupil Colin Groves CO80 returned to Truro School, all the way from New Zealand, to give Sixth Form students an interesting insight to his long and successful career.

For 23 years Colin was a Director for Tetra Level Group. Previously he had been in accountancy and IT, but that wasn’t always the plan. After leaving Truro School Colin was sponsored by British Rail to attend university, but decided engineering wasn’t for him.

In his presentation, Colin made several key points about having a plan but to expect bumps in the road, to be yourself, and to find a career you enjoy.

The Cornish-turned-New Zealander emigrated to Waikato nine years ago with his wife and twin daughters. Now retired, Colin spends his time acting as an independent chairman for various companies in New Zealand, including Waikato Rugby Union.

Colin was joined by his mentee, Karl Friend who is a business owner from Tauranga in New Zealand, and is looking to open a new office in Cornwall.