Date Posted... Aug 10th 2021



Sixth Form

Celebrating the outstanding achievements of our A-Level students

Truro School recognises the outstanding achievements of the Class of 2021 following 18 months of unprecedented challenge


On 10 August 2021, girls and boys, day and boarding, at Truro School, received an outstanding set of A-Level results. 89% of all results were graded A*-B, with 74% at A*-A and 46% at A*. Circumstances have been very different this year, and no two individuals have had the same experience of life or of learning during the pandemic. It is therefore individual courage and achievement in the face of great challenge that we, as a School, are especially proud of.

Andy Johnson, Truro School Head, said: “In what has been an incredible time to be in education I am humbled by what this cohort of multi-talented young people in our School community have achieved. As individuals they have each faced their own different challenging circumstances and these results are a deserved reward for their ability, courage and creativity across an extraordinary eighteen months. They have been supported tirelessly by dedicated and caring staff, and we wish them all the very best as they head into their chosen futures, with our ongoing support.”

All our students deserve immense credit for the endeavour shown to pursue their individual and diverse ambitions in the face of challenge. We congratulate our successful Oxbridge candidates, Isaac, Louis, and Alistair, and our Medics and Vets, Ellie and Zoe. Equally importantly, we congratulate Alfie, Lara, Hugo and Will, who have realised ambitions for Music, Acting, Yacht Design, and Sport and Exercise Science. We congratulate Monty for achieving his goal to study Geology having been shielding throughout the whole of the last academic year as his peers gradually returned to school. We congratulate Ondra and Jess for straight A*s, having joined us from abroad to board in Sixth Form, and Romano and Thomas for the same A* achievement having joined our Sixth Form from local schools too. We commend, too, those holding offers from Universities in the USA and Canada.

In a Sixth Form committed to the pursuit of excellence in all forms, we celebrate the full set of Distinctions achieved by all seven of our Leiths Cookery School graduates alongside the eleven students who achieved a clean sweep of A* grades in all their A-Level subjects.

As an ambitious community we are delighted that 98% of our cohort are already today placed in courses or on pathways they have chosen, or holding offers for next year and their futures. As a compassionate community, we also stand by and continue to support any individual who continues to struggle as a result of their or their family’s experiences over the last year, academically or otherwise.

This year’s A-Level results are an opportunity to celebrate the endeavour, ambition, and character of our students. We applaud how they responded to the challenges of the pandemic, and all that has been achieved above and beyond their academic successes during their time at Truro School Sixth Form. Innovative and strong remote and on-site teaching have helped support many to become courageous as learners in ways that will benefit them in the future. The breadth of education – academic, pastoral and co-curricular – that Truro School has sustained throughout has supported student curiosity, collaboration, and confidence. The compassion within this year group has been inspiring to witness, as they have supported each other with integrity, and remained engaged with wider local and global causes throughout. Furthermore, our community has continued to champion the value and importance of creative, active and outdoor life. Our musicians, dramatists, and artists have found new ways to share their talents. Community engagement in and promotion of sport and healthy living has remained strong, and our national and international sportspersons have continued to represent themselves and their teams with courage and pride.

Anybody interested in finding out more about the Sixth Form at Truro School, including our new Diploma programme, is welcome to join us for our Sixth Form Open Evening on Tuesday 21 September. For more information about that event or our Sixth Form, please visit