Date Posted... May 6th 2020

Casper’s 30-miler

7 year old Casper is raising money for The Cornwall Anaesthesia Charitable Fund, a Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charitable Fund, by running the ‘30 Miler Commando Challenge’.

The 30 miler is the endurance test all Royal Marines have to pass before they can be called Commandos; Casper has been inspired to run his own ‘locked down’ 30 miler in aid of this important charity.

Casper has so far successfully completed four miles and will continue to run a mile a day, every day, for 30 days (most of May!) – go Casper!

For fun updates on Casper’s progress, or to donate to Casper’s just giving page, please visit:

The Cornwall Anaesthesia Charitable Fund is a Royal Cornwall Hospital Charity Fund that is created to provide support to education, learning and wellbeing to Anaesthesia and the healthcare professions allied to Anaesthesia. Particularly during the COVID-19 global pandemic and in the aftermath of this crisis, there will be a significantly increased need to provide mental and physical and professional career support to this incredible team of nurses, doctors, anaesthetic practitioners (ODPs) and administrators. Sustainable successful delivery now and in the future.