Date Posted... May 20th 2022




Prep Sports

Athletic All-Stars in Prep’s Year 6 Squad

Congratulations to our team of eight athletes, Rosie, Millie N, Emily, Sanna, George F, Max, Theo and Dan, who each competed brilliantly in four different track and field events: long jump, vortex throw, 75m sprint and 600m, at the Quadkids Athletics qualifiers.

Although we don’t yet know whether we have qualified for the next round, at the Cornwall School Games in July 2022, there were some impressive individual performances.

Dan raced a rapid 600m, recording a new personal best in this event. Theo and Millie N both won their respective vortex throwing events. Rosie, Millie N, Max and Sanna blasted their way to the finish in their sprints. George and Emily were robust all-rounders, who both jumped well in the long jump.

The children told us:

The leaders were good because they were kind and really encouraging.’ Millie N

The atmosphere was really nice, especially during the track events.’ Rosie

I really liked the challenge of this event – you had to push yourself more.’ George

Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and to Mrs Luxton and all of the staff who make these events possible.