Date Posted... Jun 21st 2024



Senior School

A Win for Our 2nd Year Geologists

Our 2nd Year geologists have just returned from the Cornwall Schools Mining Games, where they competed against 11 schools from across the county. This was the second year Truro School participated in the competition, and due to the popularity of the training club, we were able to send two teams.

Throughout the day, the teams competed in six disciplines: hand steeling, panning, sawing, surveying, mineral separation, and mucking. They displayed a strong competitive spirit and provided great encouragement to each other and the other teams. At the end of the day, the teams were thrilled to receive top awards in each discipline. Team 1 secured 1st place in sawing, setting a new Mining Games Record with 24 blocks! Team 2 achieved 3rd place in sawing and mucking, and their consistent performance across all events led them to be jointly crowned first place overall.

Two pupils shared their experiences:

Finley T said, “It showed us how the miners would have worked in the mines and the hardships of those conditions.”

Another student commented, “It was a good and hard challenge that needed teamwork. I think we worked well together and that was the reason why we won.”

Congratulations to everyone who took part. We loved seeing you on Spotlight News and are looking forward to holding the trophy!