Date Posted... Feb 1st 2024

A Homage to the Humble Croissant

In celebration of World Croissant Day (January 30th) MFL pupils were invited to showcase their creativity by composing a short poem or prose about this beloved crescent-shaped pastry.

In class, pupils looked at the work of French poet Francis Ponge, known for his ability to capture the beauty of everyday objects in his poetry, including his renowned poem “Le Pain.” Drawing inspiration from Ponge’s work, pupils were encouraged to craft their own pieces of writing.

Mrs. Le Bihan Murphy expressed her utmost delight with the response, with a good number of entries from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year pupils. Some pupils went to great lengths to research famous patisseries in France, providing interesting facts and poetic descriptions. One pupil wrote a wonderfully humorous piece about the origins of the croissant’s crescent shape, with another skillfully crafted prose about a visit to a Patisserie.

Overall, Mrs. Le Bihan Murphy was incredibly impressed with the high writing standard and commended those who applied their recent topic work in class to this writing challenge.

“I applaud all pupils who participated in this activity, demonstrating academic curiosity, risk, and extended learning as part of their Modern Foreign Language enrichment programme. Well done, everyone.”  Top prizes were awarded to Olliver (bi-lingual speaker), Joshua (2nd Year), and Sarang (3rd year). View all submissions here- Croissant Writing Submissions.

She also encouraged pupils to participate in the many language enrichment activities that run throughout the year; details are located on notice boards and posters throughout the MFL department.