A Comprehensive Transformation

We are delighted to share these additional images from the music project along with a flythrough, complemented by a beautiful and bespoke composition by Ollie Jones CO23

The project design entails the creation of approximately 1100m² of state-of-the-art teaching, rehearsal, and performance spaces, complemented by a 675m² refurbished multi-functional Assembly Hall.

There are five key areas within the project, summarised below:


The Music Centre, a new building, will re-house the music department away from its current former residential building, emphasising the school’s commitment to musical education. Built to the highest specifications, this modern musical hub will give all genres and styles of music equal profile by bringing rehearsal, teaching, practice, performance, broadcasting and recording spaces together. It will enable children to explore a wide variety of music to find what they love.

The building will include practice spaces suited for ensembles and orchestras, increasing the number of bespoke practice rooms for individual and chamber ensembles, and a soundproofed room for rock, jazz, and percussion groups. There will be facilities for exploring electronic music making, broadcast and recording. The ground floor performance space will be easily accessible from a purpose-built reception and foyer, to accommodate rehearsals and smaller-scale performances. Teaching spaces will consist of classrooms for permanent and peripatetic staff, large and medium rehearsal rooms, a production room and administrative offices, including for CMST.


Refurbishments to the existing Assembly Hall will create an improved space for events, examinations and assemblies, accommodating pupils, parents and community users in a multi-purpose space. These upgrades will improve the production quality of performances in terms of comfort, acoustics and capacity. They will also permit better, more comfortable and dynamic use of the space for examinations, celebrations, and community events.

Key modifications include a new roof, updating high level clerestory glazing, introducing a new mechanical ventilation and heating system, applying acoustic treatment to walls and ceilings, installing retractable raked seating for improved audience sight-lines, and incorporating photovoltaic panels on the southern roof pitch.


The double height entrance atrium forms the main entrance and reception area to the new Music Centre, the current Art & DT departments, and the refurbished Assembly Hall. It will also function as an informal gathering space for pupils, parents and community users, with a design that connects to the outdoor plaza and links to spaces within the building.


While the existing Art & DT department will remain largely untouched, the DT computer room will be re-clad to match the Music Centre and a door will be added at the rear of the Assembly Hall to connect with the Art department.


These spaces include reception, staff rooms, servery, toilets, stores, lift core, disabled access and stair core. These are backed against the existing Assembly Hall to create a sound buffer between the proposed music teaching block and Assembly Hall. Plant space will be located on the ground floor of the music teaching block.

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