Date Posted... Nov 28th 2023

A Christmas Carol Delights Audiences

The Christmas Season was launched with a resounding “Bah Humbug” as Truro School Drama presented a stunning rendition of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ from the 22 to 25 of November.

Directed by Ben Oldfield and with original music by Musical Director Ollie Jones, the production told the much-loved tale of Ebenezer Scrooge; a tormented soul who, driven by his endless pursuit of wealth, had become hardened and embittered against all of the love and joy that the Christmas period represents.

Following a visit from the tortured ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, Scrooge is forced to confront his miserly ways and embark on a spectral journey through his past, present and future.

Haunted by visions of missed opportunities for joy and love, Scrooge comes to realise that his cold-hearted ways must change to save his soul from eternal damnation and bring light, love and salvation to those around him.

The production perfectly captured the essence of Victorian Britain, with a captivating set in the Burrell Theatre, transformed with cobblestones, Scrooge’s office and the Cratchit’s kitchen.

The cast beautifully balanced the bleakness and poignancy of the tale with mischievous wit and Christmas joy. The snivelling, snarling Scrooge was perfectly brought to life by Jasmine and Sam, while Diana and Diggory enchanted the audience as the three Christmas spirits.

Moving moments were brought to us from the Cratchit family, while stand-out comedic performances from the Fezziwigs and Topper (played by Celia and Dorie), provided laugh-out-loud moments galore.

The story has become a firm favourite with audiences and an essential ingredient for the festive season. It was perfectly delivered and left audiences thrilled, entranced and delighted.

Well done to everyone involved in bringing the production to life, from the actors, the production team, wardrobe, set, lighting, tech, music and more; a huge thank you to you all ”and so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless us, every one!”