Date Posted... Jun 21st 2024

1st Year Gala Concert

1st Year Music Gala: A Night of Joy and Talent

1st Year music is all about enjoyment and discovering one’s instrument. Every pupil is given the choice of an instrument to play throughout the 1st Year, culminating in an opportunity to showcase their musical skills to friends and family.

Last night, the gala concert was held at the Roman Catholic Church in Truro, providing a splendid display of 1st Year musical talent. It was a heartwarming evening, impossible to watch without a huge smile.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the entire music team for their patience and dedication, ensuring that the children can enjoy and create music. As the Head, Mr Andy Johnson, remarked, “Thank you to all the children for inspiring us. Your courage to stand before us and perform is truly admirable. Thank you for supporting each other—it’s not about playing every note perfectly, but about embarking on a musical journey that will stay with you for years to come.”

We look forward to following their musical journeys through the school.