A Feast of Netball!

High Five Netball Festivals


During this autumn term the school has hosted two High Five Netball Festivals. England Netball recognise the High Five game as being crucial for development of players, because it encourages all young players to play in all positions on the court. It is also widely used across primary schools in Cornwall and is not a single-sex sport; boys and girls play alongside one another.


Truro Prep players: Poppy, Harriet, Nancy, Polly ,Libby, Elizabeth S, Elli, Sophie, Darcy, Grace, Emily, Eve, Elizabeth T, Leyla, Ben, George and Sam


In September I was fortunate to deliver a High Five Netball workshop on behalf of England Netball. Being the host school, it helped forge links with attendees from the various primary schools and the outcome has been two enjoyable and fun events where it has been about developing play and experiencing the game. At the second event, staged on Wednesday 12 November, there were young children from some schools who had never experienced matches! By the end of the afternoon they were smiling and talking to children from other schools and it was obvious that they had had a great time.


The Truro Prep players were exceptional; one of the squads not losing one game. But it was their ability to help coach the less experienced players from other schools that the visiting school teachers, coaches and parents noted. They were mature and sensitive in their interaction, and a credit to the school. Fair play was the order of the afternoon! Huge thanks go to parents Louise Becconsall and Lucy Newman who have both helped at the festivals, and also to the visiting schools, without whom the events would not have taken place.


Now it is about preparing for the next festival of netball that is scheduled for March 19, which will target a younger age group. Already we have seven schools signed up, so it could be a large event! The summer term will see another High Five workshop, and netball teachers from local schools are asked to contact me for more information. The plan is to encourage as many schools as possible to eventually have a member of staff trained ….and to encourage as many festivals as possible to take place.


Schools who have participated this academic year so far are: Alverton, Archbishop Benson, Threemilestone, Polwhele, Bosvigo, Halwin and Truro Prep, many of which have brought 2 teams to the events.


A selection of images can be found in our gallery.


Angela Barnett,

Netball Coach