Date Posted... Nov 7th 2022




Programme Sponsorship

We are pleased to announce that we will be producing an official programme for the upcoming production of Les Misérables, a memorable keepsake for all those involved.

Within the programme, we are pleased to offer advertising space for local businesses and organisations. If you are interested in featuring in the A4 programme, space is available from £65.00 for a quarter page to £150.00 for a full A4 page. Front and back cover prices are available on request.

The programmes will be available across the five performances and printed in full colour with a gloss laminate outside cover.

The artwork deadline is 14 November, and we can help create your designs if required. Please note: All adverts are subject to approval from Truro School.

To reserve a space or to find out more, please email Carla Lamb, Head of Marketing and Communication [email protected]