Date Posted... Oct 5th 2021




Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Malvern House Blog (01/10/2021 – 03/10/2021)

Well… what a weekend! It was a strange one this weekend with the opening morning tricking us all into thinking we had an extra day of school. Seeing everyone in their uniform and smart business wear for an extra day was very puzzling. Despite this, the girls were up bright and breezy and ready to show off our lovely house and the community we have here at Truro School.

The extra early morning called for an early Friday night with lots of tidying up, cleaning and house sorting. Some of the girls also took advantage of the sports hall after prep with some badminton and basketball being played. The highlight of the evening was the quick visit from a four-legged friend… the school dog, Bumble Bee, who came to help out with any prep problems that Miss Flowers could not solve.

Saturday morning came around much too early for our liking but non the less we put on our raincoats and had a delicious breakfast before the busy morning started. There were nothing but compliments about the smiles on the Malvern girls faces as they showed around the new potential pupils and their families whilst doing their best to dodge the showers.

After the busy and wet morning, the girls got on with some more prep and then spent the afternoon visiting town where the local food festival allowed for them to eat even more delicious food. In the evening a game of scrabble was played alongside various films being shown around the house.

If there weren’t enough films being watched on Saturday night, this weekend’s activity was a trip to the cinema. The girls spent Sunday popping back into town in smaller groups to watch their chosen films. The new James Bond and Shang-chi marvel films were the popular choices while some others opted for Free Guy.

With everyone out at different times the house was relatively quiet which meant some of the Upper Sixth were able to get a study session going in the kitchen; a quick baking break to fuel themselves with swiss roll, was factored in too! 😊

After supper those who had been out for dinner after their film trickled back in to the house and set to work preparing themselves for the week ahead. Bed sheets were washed and changed while rooms were tidied and Covid tests were taken. It seemed that the girls were all done with films by Sunday evening as it was a quiet, no tech night, with chatter about their weekends and the week ahead.

This weekend the Malvern girls made us proud with their presentation of the school. It was lovely hearing all the positive things everyone had to say.

Miss Abby Flowers
Resident Tutor (Malvern Boarding House)