Date Posted... Nov 23rd 2020

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

The pandemic has seen us being creative in our down time this week. The girls have continued to make the most of the SBA rota in the evenings, playing badminton and using the fitness suite to good effect, the U6th attended the sixth form drama performance on Thursday and the year group clubs and activities are providing further chance for socialising, exercise and time out of the house. Early monring swimming has even been a thing! As has online fencing training through zoom with juice bottles for weights, and Kristina appears to have opened her very own nail salon!

The weekend arrived to cheers, from both the girls and staff, with the chance to down tools and catch our breath. There was good news to celebrate a plenty with the week ending on a high for Charlotte and Stephanie who both received university offers during the course of the day. After a brief rest in the house it was then up the fitness suite after supper. The girls worked hard on the cardio machines, using the free weights, and was great to see them all enjoying each others company, working hard and getting the endorphins flowing.

On Saturday morning after brunch, some essential trips to Tesco, Boots and M&S were made whilst others completed prep assignments. After lunch we headed out to meet Mr Hatfeild (Resident Tutor in Trennick) for some on-site laser tag. Teams were decided and the girls were off, guns in hands. Quick fire rounds as well as a domination game were enjoyed and the girls’ competitive sides were on full display once again. Whilst not ready for full scale battle quite yet, Stephanie seemed to think it might be a little trying on the legs, I feel confident that were the armed forces desperate for recruits, we would be able to deliver; provided they are allowed unlimited lives and have a re-charging station handy that is.

Saturday evening was spent Christmas-fying the house. We wouldn’t usually do it quite so early but it seems that anything goes at the moment and it certainly lifted the spirits and gave the girls a focus. The tree was erected and adorned with decorations, paper chains were made, baubles decorated and there was much, much Christmas music sing-a-longs. Red and white mini meringues, vegan, were baked, alongside mince pies, and the girls had a fulfilled evening transforming the new kitchen into something resembling Santa’s grotto whilst sipping on Amy’s warm apple ‘cider’; a recipe from home.

On Sunday the girls enjoyed lie ins before a hearty brunch in the dining hall. The house then took on a very studious feel this afternoon with most of the girls hitting the books before a late afternoon, fun float session in the pool.

Next weekend, again with a break in tradition and to ensure the whole community are able to enjoy this rite of passage, we have the Boarders’ Christmas meal and ‘party’ to look forward to. The girls will exchange secret Santa gifts and I am looking forward to seeing them all dressed up and enjoying Cath’s roast turkey dinner….with all the trimmings! Whilst it won’t be the same as previous years I know the girls will ensure that they have a great time nonetheless.

Mrs Sarah Mulready (Housemistress, Girls’ Boarding)