Date Posted... Oct 5th 2020

Senior Girls’ Boarding Blog

It has been a busy week with the girls throwing themselves into all things academic and extracurricular.

The first geology fieldwork days have been experienced with Naimh heading out on Tuesday and Carlotta on Thursday, prep times have been used effectively and the girls have made the most of their year group clubs and the boarding house gym and SBA slots. Unfortunately, we have been blessed with some proper Cornish weather which has rendered the table tennis table largely redundant and the courtyard patio door firmly shut!

On Tuesday morning we were greeted with beautiful blue skies (although it was a little chilly) as we walked up the hill to school, but in contrast on Wednesday it did not stop raining and the horrible unsettled and wintery weather has stuck with us this weekend I am afraid. This has not stopped the girls though and we have enjoyed another week together. The art of mayonnaise making was perfected by Charlotte on Tuesday evening in preparation for her Leith’s exam on Friday, and the girls did make me chuckle when Niamh asked them for some pepper for her avocado and they pointed her in the direction of a big red one! The house piano has had steam coming off it this week with both Issy and Katie practising away, much to my delight in the office; I am just pleased Katie cannot hear me singing along!

This weekend’s main activity, having spent the last four weekends off site, saw us making the most of the cookery school with this year’s first ‘CookSat’ experience. In the past, these afternoons have seen the girls join forces with the senior boys in Trennick to cook up a themed storm to be enjoyed in the café-come-restaurant. Due to the covid bubble restrictions we were on our own this week but that didn’t stop us having a lot of fun. The theme was ‘Saturday film night feast’ and wow, did it live up to its expectations. The girls made homemade pizza’s, chicken wings, chilli nachos, garlic bread, dips for veggie crudités, and for those needing a sweet treat, decorated muffins.

On Sunday morning the girls were up and at it early with many visiting the gym before brunch. Others enjoyed a lie in and the prospect of a free day. Trips into town for emergency supplies were made and the girls generally chilled out making the most of the house facilities. This week’s Kit Club consisted of the ingredients for a chocolate swiss roll and the girls, clearly not having had their fix of baking or sweet treats, enjoyed yet more baking and eating!

Having left last night’s painted rocks to dry overnight, the hiding begun! Here in Truro there already exists Truro Rocks, an initiative that sees children, young people and adults paint, hide, find, photograph and re-hide bright and colourful rocks across the city. The Malvern girls thought a Truro School version might be good fun and raise the community spirit that has been affected somewhat by the zoning and bubbles that need to be in operation to keep the school open at the moment. When the day pupils and staff return to school after the weekend, I wonder who will be the first to discover one of the original Truro School ‘Malvern House’ rocks. How quickly can we get the rest of the school involved and how far will the rocks migrate? I am definitely looking forward to seeing this develop and take off!

Mrs Sarah Mulready, Housemistress, Girls’ Boarding