Date Posted... Oct 5th 2021




Junior Girls’ Boarding Blog

Pentreve House Blog (01/10/2021 – 03/10/2021)

This weekend started with the Truro School Open Day. As is tradition, all of the boarders were asked to volunteer for the morning. Their tasks included giving guides to prospective parents, handing out leaflets, and generally aiding the running of the event. This did mean that we had a slightly earlier breakfast time on Saturday morning (sorry boarders!), but all of Pentreve were up and smartly dressed in their uniforms in time. I was very proud of the students, and a few of the visiting parents even complimented some of the girls on how helpful and kind they were. Thank you for all your help Pentreve, you made us proud!

In return for all their help on Saturday morning, the boarders were all rewarded with cinema tickets for a film of their choice. For this weekend, our local cinema, the Plaza, was offering screenings of ‘James Bond’, ‘Shang Chi’ and more. Luckily, we are a short walk to the cinema, so each group could make their own way there. The girls seemed to enjoy the freedom of this weekend’s activity, as they got to arrange their own timings, and had a bit more free time than usual.

When not at the open day or cinema, we had students studying for tests (good luck to all the girls with tests this week) and attending the annual food festival in Truro. Despite the frequent downpours, the girls were very keen to attend the event. Favourite food finds included the paella and the churros stands.

On Saturday evening we held an in-house social instead of the usual mixed activity. We watched films, ate popcorn and sweets, and generally had a chilled-out evening. With the exception of the open morning, it was a generally calm weekend, but it was very nice to be able to spend some more time with the boarders and see them catch up on some much needed rest!

Miss Fiol (Pentreve Resident Tutor)