Date Posted... Dec 14th 2020

Junior and Senior boys’ boarding blog

It was a relatively quiet weekend given that many of the international boarders had wisely decided to travel home early. It has been good to keep in touch with these boarders through the Trennick Teams channel, and it has also been good to hear that engagement with online lessons has been very good.

It was a fine but chilly day on Saturday, so the junior Trennick boarders headed to the north coast of Cornwall and walked along the coast path. They walked past some derelict mines and received a very brief local history lesson about the traditional, but now sadly defunct, mining industry. The halfway point on the walk was a charming small beach café, and the boys enjoyed a warming hot chocolate or mug of soup, but some of them chose an ice-cream before claiming that they were getting cold.

On Saturday evening Kevin and Pao helped put up the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights and some other decorations – the common room is now lit up beautifully with many Christmas lights. The boys also enjoyed an evening of films, pizzas and poker.

Mr Pilborough arrived on Sunday morning to take the remaining boarders to another beach for a quick blast of fresh air and a warming hot chocolate. The boys were impressed with the rugged beauty of the cliffs and the large crashing waves.

On Sunday evening the boys mocked Mr. Copeland as he started on a jigsaw with 1000 pieces, but by the end of the evening all the boys were addicted to the jigsaw and needed to be asked several times to head to bed. It is hoped that the jigsaw is completed before the end of term.

This has been a challenging term for the boarders with social restrictions in place; they have risen to the challenge extremely well and supported each other with great empathy and kindness. It has been a real pleasure working with such a fine group of boys and I wish them and their families all the very best for the Christmas holiday.