Date Posted... Mar 1st 2021

Boys’ Boarding Blog

What a fantastic week of weather we have had in Cornwall. The sun has been shining every day so most evenings we have had time outside in the school grounds to play some games or just enjoy some fresh air.

We have welcomed back Dan this half-term to the Lower Trennick House which has re-energised everyone as he is a great character in the house.

This weekend we have spent lots of time outside. David, Chun, Frank, Dan and Roland helped Mr Hatfield clean his car. We borrowed the school jet wash and spent a little time cleaning the car and lots of time wetting each other. They did a great job and were rewarded with some cans of coke.

On Saturday evening we had a BBQ in the courtyard. For the entertainment we played table tennis, played fetch with Jonah (the dog) and Mr Hatfield found a skateboard which Gabriel and David seemed to master better than the rest of us. After eating our burgers and ribs we cleaned up then went upstairs to watch a film and have sweets and snacks.

David, Gabriel and Trevor enjoyed using the basketball courts for their exercise on Sunday, they said the wind was quite cold but it was nice to be in the sun.  Roland and Dan ventured down to Boscawen park for a walk along the river which has great views of the city and cathedral. Chun and Frank played more table tennis and also went for a walk but stayed closer to school walking around the perimeter of the site.

This week we will be getting the house ready for the return of our friends next Sunday. We can’t wait to have them back with us.

Mr Hatfield, Resident Boarding Master