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School Archive

Septembers Past

During this month…

90 years ago in September 1931

This marked the start of the first full academic year as the renamed ‘Truro School’.

‘The ten years from 1921 to 1931 have been a period of remarkable expansion in every way. Building operations have been almost continuous but the increase in the number of boys has kept pace with the provision  of extra places so that the School has remained full. Many of these new boarders come from outside the County and the School now draws its pupils from a wide radius. There has been an increase of 70 per cent. in Boarders and 37 per cent. in Day Boys… and has reached the record total of 280’.

The school at this time covered 23 ½ acres, with an extra 14 acres of playing fields rented, compared to 10 acres, including the playing field, in 1921. New buildings since 1921 included the School Hall with Play Room above (Chapel and Heseltine Gallery); three dormitories with a total of 62 beds, raising the boarding accommodation to 138, from 82 in 1921; a Junior House adjacent to the School (Pentreve); and Overleigh, the Second Master’s house, was just completed (now the site of the Burrell Theatre). There were also further adaptations of existing rooms, including dividing the Old School Hall into three classrooms (Finance), the old chemistry lab and the old library both divided into two classrooms, and the former first dormitory made room for the Library (now the Staff Room).

‘In 1921 the Sixth form were working for the School Certificate Examination. No one is now admitted to the Sixth until he has qualified for Matriculation and an Advanced Course in Science and Mathematics has been recognised by the Board of Education. The continuation of this recognition depends on the number of boys remaining in the School for 2 years after the Matriculation stage.’

from Truro School Report 1931-32 and General Survey of  10 Years, 1921-1931

80 years ago in September 1941

The Air Training Corps Flight were inspected by the Captain of a Naval Air Station and his officers and invited to visit the station.

By September Kent College had temporarily merged with Truro School to become a distinct house, alongside School, Smith, Vinter and Wickett.

Treliske. At the beginning of this term 5 boarders and 2 day boys were promoted to the main School, while 8 boarders and 2 day boys were admitted, thereby leaving Treliske full once more with 32 boarders and 15 day boys. A list of new entries has been begun for January, 1943.’

The Truronian, December 1941

70 years ago in September 1951


‘Sept 22nd. The Kenneth Ellis Singers.

Madrigals in Elizabethan costume, followed by Folk Songs and Nursery Rhymes in modern dress. Much enjoyed, even by the non-musical. M.A. Bourdeaux expressed our thanks.

Sept. 29th. “A run for your money.” “Charlie the tramp.” Two Welshmen “up” for the Rugger International, and miss it!

Charlie Chaplin still the best comedian!’

Young Farmers’ Club

‘When we returned from those ‘Glorious Summer Holidays’, we found all the animals and birds alive and kicking. We soon started tidying the place up and several important jobs were done…’


The Malvern Troop

‘Owing to the large number of new boys wishing to become scouts this term, and the impracticability of absorbing them all into the existing Troops, a new Troop has been formed with ten boys from the first forms. Most of them have now been invested as scouts and are progressing towards the Second Class badge.’

The Truronian, December 1951

60 years ago in September 1961

‘The Michaelmas Term began on 22nd September and ended on Wednesday, 20th December. Half-term was from 2nd-6th November.’

School Sonnet

I don’t think school is all that bad,

But I am really very glad,

To hear the bell that rings to tell us

It’s time to catch the bus.

When I get home it’s time for tea,

Then I see an hour’s T.V.

And after we have done some learning,

We do a little bit of earning,

By helping mummy with the tea.

Afterwards, my brother and me

Always have a game of chess.

Then after we have finished,

We then undress

    And go to bed.

B.W (1S)

An Old Ode

In BC 54

Caesar saw this shore;

The Britons took flight

At this ghastly sight,

And prepared to go to war.

‘Twas fate, the Romans conquered,

It’s very plain to see;

For are there not the Roman roads

And walls, you will all agree.

R.J.H.S. (1S)

The Truronian, December 1961

50 years ago in September 1971

From Terraces 1972

40 years ago in September 1981


30 years ago in September 1991

The opening of Pre-Prep ‘marked another milestone in the history of Truro School. Built at a cost of £222,000 and situated in the grounds of Treliske School, the unit caters for children of both sexes between the ages of 3 ½ and 7. The building has been named after Mr Bert Willday, a former second master of Truro School. It is entirely self-contained but has easy access to Treliske’s facilities. It incorporates four separate form bases, each with its own activity area. These are positioned around a central hall. Other features of the school are the resources centre and a large tarmac playground’.

Terraces 1992

20 years ago in September 2001

Paul Smith (TS 2001-12) starts his first term as Headmaster.

10 years ago in September 2011

Preparations were being finished for the opening of the Heseltine Gallery at the beginning of October.

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri (to be, rather than to seem to be), captures the essence of our identity and is defined by the 5 C's below. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual.

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