Psychology is studied at AS and at A2 Level in the Truro School Sixth Form.

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A-Level Psychology at Truro School Sixth Form

The course we offer provides a study of the Human Mind, giving a broad introduction to the study of Psychology as a Science and covers a variety of theories, arguments and approaches.
It addresses such questions as:

  • What would happen if you didn’t sleep for a week?
  • How can we deal with stress?
  • What is memory and how can it be improved?

Lessons are active, with students studying themselves as well as the scientific subject, leading to thought-provoking challenges.

Course Specification

At AS, following an AQA specification A, students examine Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods. A2 moves on to biological rhythms and sleep, relationships, gender and learning and development.
Parts of the examination require essay style answers and through studying the subject students will develop the ability of scientific thought alongside skills in communication and clarity of expression, preparing them well for higher education.


Latest News

Students get to see ‘Psychology in Action’

14 Upper Sixth Psychology Students had the chance to take their psychology out of the classroom and see it in every walk of...

Lower Sixth Psychology students enjoy an observational trip to Newquay Zoo

On April 26th, twenty-nine Lower Sixth Psychology students went to Newquay Zoo armed with stopwatches, cameras, tally timers and observation charts on clipboards. We went to learn observational techniques (construction of behavioural categories, coding, time sampling, point sampling, event sampling); we practised these on black macaques, ring tailed lemurs and spider monkeys and then we used the education room there to analyse the data, drawing a variety of graphs with the collected data. Students then independently observed any animal of their choice using the same...

Brain Day Dissection for Truro School Students

Biology and Psychology A Level students at Truro School were given a captivating insight into the topic of neuroscience last week when they were given the rare opportunity to see a real brain dissection.   The morning and afternoon ‘Brain Day’ seminars were all part of a visit from Dr Guy Sutton, Director of Medical...
Previous School Years

Sixth Form Psychology – Brain Day

On Monday 10 November our Sixth Form Psychology students were visited by Dr Sutton, a neuroscientist, who lectures medical students at Nottingham Medical School, for Brain Day. Dissection and mice on drugs were just some of the surprises that our guest speaker brought with him.   We examined real sheep brains, dissecting one to find...