Chemistry is a study of the molecular world around us: we all eat, drink and breathe chemicals; we are all clothed in materials formed by chemicals; and our world is made up of chemicals. Students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects and are taught by subject specialists.

Chemistry for 1st and 2nd Years

For 1st and 2nd Years we aim to encourage and extend the most able through our teaching and in competitions such as the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Top of the Bench competition.

Starting GCSE Chemistry in 3rd Year

In the 3rd Year, students start their AQA GCSE Chemistry course. During the course they observe molecular modeling and the use of ICT to help them visualise the microscopic world. Practical work is an important part of Chemistry and the theoretical work is complimented by many experimental tasks. Performance in the 3rd Year is used to help set students by ability; set sizes vary between 12 and 24, with the lowest ability set being the smallest.

A-Level Chemistry

The A-Level course seeks to take Chemistry students to new levels. As specified by the AQA GCE Chemistry syllabus, this course will equip students with a factual framework, an appreciation of scientific method and the ability to formulate questions and evaluate evidence. Led by staff with highly qualified staff with many years of teaching, along with industrial and government experience, students at AS will split open subjects such as Atomic Structure, Periodicity and Organic Chemistry
At A2, Equilibria, Thermodynamics, Energetics and Aromatic Chemistry will be covered, among many other topics. Their investigative and practical skills in both years will be assessed under controlled conditions and our more able students will be encouraged to enter the Lower Sixth Cambridge Chemistry Challenge and the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad in the Upper Sixth. Chemistry is an academically challenging and rigorous subject and it opens doors to a number of lucrative and rewarding careers in the private and public sector.

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