Date Posted... Feb 21st 2023

Geologists Secure a Place in the Final

A group of lower sixth geology students have secured a place in the final of the Geological Society Schools Competition. This competition attracts geology students from across the UK and invites them to showcase their skills and explore how geoscience impacts our lives.

In the first stage of the competition, students must submit a six-minute video on an earth Science subject of their choosing, which is judged by a panel of professionals in the geoscience industry.

The winning team chose to research ‘magnetic earth’, where they explored the hypothesis of ‘What would happen if the poles flipped’.

Judges who marked their entry said

“A very informative video! The students were able to explain the complex topic of ‘Magnetic Earth’ in an accessible way and it was apparent that it was well understood by students. They communicated complex ideas clearly and confidently. The video was of very high quality and had some excellent content and it was well supported by animations and graphics.”

Henry, James, Ben, Ralph and Thomas have been invited to the Geological Society in London in March to participate in the final, where they will compete against other teams in a problem-solving challenge.

Congratulations to the team; we wish them the best of luck and look forward to hearing how they get on in London.