Les Mis Orchestra

Date Posted... Nov 29th 2022

Outstanding Orchestral Performance

The thirty-one-piece Truro School Symphony Orchestra pulled out all the stops for the performances of Les Misérables over the past week. The original musical score, written by Claude-Michel Schonberg (and adapted by John Cameron and Christopher Metcalf), is one of the most memorable musical scores of all time and the Orchestra thrilled audiences with knock-out numbers including ‘At the end of the day’, ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ and the hilarious ‘Master of the house’.  

All musical numbers were delivered with energetic precision and fun under the careful guidance of Musical Director, Martin Palmer and Associate Musical Directors, Peter Thompson and Oliver Jones. 

The Orchestra comprised pupils from across the Senior School, including oboe players from the 2nd Year. Head Boy and Associate Musical Director, Oliver was on the piano and Head Girl, Soumya led the strings.  

The musical scores arrived in August and the music department at Truro School, including our dedicated visiting musical teachers, worked tirelessly over the past few months to help the Orchestra deliver the outstanding, polished performances enjoyed by all 1,323 audience members who saw the show.  

The theatre may now be dark, but the tunes from Les Mis will be hummed throughout the corridors of Truro School for a long time to come.