Headmaster’s Updates

The coronavirus pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for us all; challenges that at Truro School we have met with creativity, courage and compassion. We also know that life at home for many Truro School families has been difficult, and we are eager to see our pupils safely back to School, where they belong.

We are confident in our ability to thrive in response to the challenges of remote learning, and in our intent to return to full School site operations, safely, as soon as possible. If we are permitted to do so, we will fully open the School in September.

Please click below to read our guide outlining the measures the School has taken, and continues to take, in planning for the opening of its site operations.

Senior School: 26.06.20

Andrew Gordon-Brown’s weekly video message can be viewed on the link below.

Senior School: 21.06.20

Andrew Gordon-Brown’s weekly video message can be viewed on the link below.

Senior School: 15.06.20

Andrew Gordon-Brown’s weekly video message can be viewed on the link below.

Senior School: 09.06.20

Andrew Gordon-Brown reflects on the Black Lives Matter movement and shares his thoughts about school in September.

Senior School: 22.05.20

This week’s message from Andrew Gordon-Brown focuses on mental health week and urges everyone to ‘be kind’ to themselves as well as everyone else.

Senior School: 15.05.20


Headmaster, Andrew Gordon-Brown addresses the pupils and parents with this weekly video message.

Senior School: 01.05.20


“At the core of our pastoral care is the important relationships we have with our pupils and parents and, from the beginning, our tutor teams have been determined to hold onto their links with their tutor groups. The miles between each tutor group seem to disappear every morning at 8.45 when they come together as a group to check in with each other, share news and work through any concerns. But most importantly, to have some fun and enjoy being in each other’s company.”

Senior School: 28.04.20


With the A Level and GCSE course consolidation scheduled to end this week, we are pleased to share the details of our academic enhancement and enrichment programmes for the summer term, to commence on Monday 4th May.

Senior School: 24.04.20


“Is being stuck at home as good as being at school? No. Has everything worked perfectly? No. Does this remote learning approach work equally well for all pupils? No. Have together we made remarkable progress. Very definitely, yes. It’s fair to say that our teachers, who are a talented and generous bunch at the best of times, have really risen to this challenge, as have you.”

Prep School: 20.04.20

Watch Sarah Patterson’s Monday assembly on the link below.

Senior School: 17.04.20


“Well virtual school has started. I guess it was inevitable really that we heard the news yesterday that we are confined to at least another three weeks of staying at home so that we help the NHS and save lives. None of us wanted this and Truro School is not the same without all of you, but I am proud of the way our pupils and teachers have stepped up to make the most of the situation. Being the hard-wired optimist that I am, I see this time as an opportunity to innovate, to develop new skills and to engage with new things.”

Prep School: 15.04.20

In case you missed it…

On Wednesday, Ms Patterson welcomed the community ‘back to school’ with her beginning of term assembly.

March 27


“In truth this is unlike any term any of us have ever experienced… and we have had to collectively and rather rapidly design a new system for school within the framework of this different set of priorities. I could not be prouder of the way colleagues and pupils alike have adapted in a really short space of time.”

March 21


“My overwhelming experience as the Headmaster of Truro School is that I lead a community in the true sense of the word. We are a group of pupils, staff, family and friends who look out for one another and who seem to have a reservoir of endless acts of kindness and generosity. I am very proud of the whole school community and the way they have responded over the last couple of weeks as news of this pandemic has unfolded.”

The Truro School Identity

Our school motto, Esse Quam Videri, (to be rather than to seem to be) captures the essence of our identity. From Nursery right through to Sixth Form the Truro School Community shares the same values and approach to education which help to shape our identity. Underpinned by strong Christian principles, we are a caring and inclusive community which values, nurtures and develops each individual. Click on the links below to find out more.