Date Posted... Jan 27th 2023




Youth Speaks Winning Team for Truro

Congratulations to our Truro School Prep Team who were the overall winners for the Truro Area round of the Rotary Club Junior Competition, Youth Speaks 2023.

Chosen topics for the attending schools ranged from ‘Is beauty a blessing or a curse?’ to ‘Female participation in sport.’

Our team spoke brilliantly about the topic, ‘Is reading a waste of time?’ They argued eloquently that reading was, in fact, a superpower.

Feedback from the judges praised Gideon’s engaging manner and courtesy in his opening, George’s clarity and use of humour, and Winnie’s use of humour in her spontaneous response to the question from the audience. In particular, the judges highlighted their excellent teamwork.

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Truro Boscawen for organising this event and for their encouragement of public speaking in this area.

Good luck to our team, as they prepare for the next round of the competition, which will take place on February 20th in Penzance.

Sally Luxton